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Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

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Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone
Yacheng town, Sanya City Situated 50 kilometers from Sanya City,located on the Nanshan Mountain, is about 40 kilometers far away from Sanya,A Kwan-yin statue in the temple
  • Phone:
    +89 88 8837888
  • Category
    • Landmarks, Historical Building
  • With
    • Scenic View
    • Essential
    • Group Visit
  • Opening
    • 8am
  • closing
    • 5pm

Enjoying a beautiful location in an area of 50 square kilometres at 40 kilometers southwest of Sanya City, Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is a "must-see" destination for visitors to Sanya. They come here to admire the beauty of Nanshan Mountain, to discover the 2 famous statues: the giant sea-side statue of Kwan-yin (3.8 meters high ) built with gold, pearls, jade and various gemstones and the second statue of Kwan-yin (108-metre). Other sightseeing options include Nanshan Temple, the Gold & Jade Kwanyin, the China Buddhism Culture Institute and the Kwan-yin Park. With AAAAA grade, this place offers renowned vegetarian dishes, classical concert and kung fu performance.

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