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Monkey Island

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Monkey Island
Nanwan town, Lingshui County Situated south of Lingshui Li Nationality Autonomous County
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Protected as a nature reserve since 1965, Nanwan Monkey Island has been the refuge of nearly 2000 endangered Macaque monkeys. Because it is the only one in this kind, it becomes a popular tourist destination. You have the opportunity to watch in an area of 1,000 hectares the abundance of fauna and flora of the tropical rainforest. You can hear the cries of birds and monkeys. The most amusing it is to see macaques standing in a line along the path with flags in hand and greet you. This monkey paradise shelters numerous botanical species including the charming coconut palms. Other specials sites are the enchanting sand beach, the multicolored coral reefs, the natural bathing place and the unique fishing rafts. Monkey Island is situated south of Lingshui County and accessible by road or via the longest oversea ropeway.

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